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The 12th Annual High Country Beer Fest is almost here! A record number of breweries and food vendors are registered. Tickets are selling fast and the final details are being put into place.

We are grateful to each one of you for your generosity. We couldn’t do this without partners like you. Thank you!


  • Date: August 24, 2019

  • Time: 2pm - 8pm (be ready for hungry customers from 7-8pm when pouring stops)

  • Where: High Country Fairgrounds (click for map)


  • Expecting over 3,000 people!

  • That’s over 3,000 opportunities for your brand to be seen, and 3,000 opportunities to win over new customers.

  • 5 hours of live original music

  • 60+ breweries

  • Fresh mountain air

  • 15 food vendors (In a food court this year!)

Work in progress! We will update with final

Work in progress! We will update with final

HCBF Contact Info

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We are here for you!

Amber Bateman, Beer Fest Coordinator:

Our Tax ID

  • Nonprofit Name: Ivory Tower Inc.

  • Address: 141 Cardinal Lane
    Boone NC 28607

  • EIN #:46-5180443

New this year

  • Food Court: We have created a special food court section for the festival to allow more space for additional breweries and to help with traffic flow. We hope you like this change!

Sponsor Perks

As a way to thank sponsors of High Country Beer Fest we are offering these extra perks for all our sponsors to enjoy.

  • Branded Props for Photo-booth - Photo booth images are treasured memories of this event. You can provide something fun or funny that keeps your brand in the memory.

  • SWAG/Coupons: You can provide free SWAG or Coupons to give to patrons, brewers or volunteers. You do NOT have to have a booth to offer these items. We will make sure they are distributed according to your wishes.

  • Business Banner on Festival Fencing - Hang your business banner on the fencing of High Country Beer Fest. This is great a great way to get extra exposure and remind guests that you support this event. Naming Sponsors can provide a banner for the area they are sponsoring and a banner for the fencing.

  • Booth Space: If desired

Please contact Amber if you have something you want to contribute but are unable to deliver or pickup at the fairgrounds on Friday or Saturday.

Delivering Items: Please deliver coupons, SWAG, banners, or props to the Vendor/Volunteer Check-In Tent near the red building at the entrance of the fairgrounds (See festival layout below). We will be there during the following times.

Thursday: 11-2:30pm
Friday: 12 pm - 5pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm

If you come and we’re not there, put items under the Check-In Tent table and contact Amber: 828-964-7233 to let her know..

Retrieving Items: Please pick up your leftover SWAG, props, banner, etc., the Check-In Tent or from the area we placed them on the field.

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Businesses that have confirmed they want a booth space for this year are listed below. Please contact Amber if you wanted a booth but are not listed here.

  • The Local

  • Blue Blaze Brewing (Brewers Booth)

  • Peabody’s

  • Super 8

  • Tarpestry (Near Game Tent)

  • White Labs

  • Roller Derby Girls

  • Blowing Rock Brewing (Brewers Booth)

  • Olson Design Photography (Game Tent)

  • Pop Up Boone (Game Tent)


BOOTH INFO/Instructions

If you have a booth at the Fest, please see the instructions below.

Beer Fest Itinerary

  •  9 AM – Vendor Set-Up Begins - Willard or Hailie will direct you to the food court and give you your packet with information, wrist bands, and tasting glasses

  • 1 PM – Festival Grounds Closed to Vehicle Traffic - We will not allow traffic to flow in or out of the access road that leads to the food court after 1 pm. Please alert your staff to this. If staff need to switch shifts, leave or come at any point during the festival, they will need to park in the main parking area, not the side lot closest to the food court. Sponsor booths must be ready for 2 pm start time.

  • 2 PM – VIPs Enter - Get ready to rock and roll (500+)

  • 3 PM – General Admission Enters - The masses arrive (2500 + people)

  • 7 PM – Beer Service Ends - The last hour is for patrons to eat, enjoy music and play in the Game Tent.

  • 8 PM – Festival Ends

Booth Vendor Requirements

  • All Vendors/Booths must check in at the Vendor/Volunteer Check-In Tent. See festival layout below.

  • All people working the booth must check in at the Vendor/Volunteer table to get appropriate bracelets.

  • Helpers must be 21 or older.

  • No children.

  • All vendors are responsible for the items they bring to the festival.

  • All products will be displayed in a clean and safe manner.

  • All vendors shall exhibit professional manners always.

  • If selling, bring enough cash to make change. HCBF will not be responsible for breaking your change.

  • No firearms of any kind are permitted on the festival grounds.

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  • You may drive close to your booth space to unload if needed. Try to get your vehicle out of the way quickly. Fest grounds close at 1 pm to any car traffic.

  • Parking is available in the large field as you drive into the Fest for vendors, patrons and volunteers. Please park there if at all possible.

  • You may park in the side lot (Brewer/Board Parking on diagram above) ONLY if you intend to stay the entire time. We will shut this parking lot to incoming and exiting traffic by 1 pm. If you do not intend to stay the entire time, do not park in this area.

  • We will try to have some spaces blocked off for vendors and volunteers, but we can’t make any promises until we are closer to the day.

Booth Set-Up

  • Saturday, 9 am-1 pm - We will be at the fairgrounds as early as 9 am.

  • Please be set up and ready to go by 1:30 pm.

  • We will be setting up the field during the week, so if you need to see your booth or bring supplies, let us know.

  • If you finish setting up before Beer Fest starts, feel free to order food from the food trucks or mingle with brewers who are already set up.

Serve TIme

  • Please be ready to greet and engage patrons the entire service time, 2-8 pm. Rain or shine.

  • Please do not openly drink while behind a booth space. We can get in trouble with ALE if they see this.

  • Please be respectful and kind to all of our patrons

Booth BreakDown

  • 8 pm Breakdown - Patrons tend to clear out quickly from 7-8 pm, but they are allowed to stay until 8 to listen to music, play games or eat.

  • Breweries may start breaking down at 7 pm when pour time ends, but sponsors may want to stay open to engage patrons who are no longer drinking.

  • Please do not break down before 7 pm.

  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning their service area after the festival.


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