Welcome Breweries!

We are so excited to have each of you join us for another great year. We have a record number of breweries and food vendors registered this year! We are working hard to offer breweries a more organized experience. Stay tuned to this page for more important announcements. We will keep you posted as the event evolves.


Save the date!

  • Date: August 24, 2019

What’s in store……..

  • Be ready to pour for over 3,000!
    That’s over 3,000 opportunities to win over a new fan with each beer you pour!

  • Fresh mountain air

  • 4 hours of live original music

  • 64 Breweries

  • PreParty BBQ

  • 15 Food Vendors (In a food court this year!)

ANNOuncement: New This Year!

Brewery Hospitality Tent:
No more food vouchers! We will offer a private space for brewery attendants to get a quick break and grab a bite to eat. We will have fresh fruit, coffee, and snacks here during the day. Pop in anytime after 5pm to get dinner, provided by, Basils. We hope you like this change!

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 10.47.54 AM.png

View/Print the Brewery Information Packet if you haven’t already. .

HCBF Brewery Assistance

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Seth Hewitt, Brewery Coordinator : 828-406-8248
Brad Blizzard, Brewery Assistant Coordinator: 336-455-1321
Amber Bateman Beer Fest Coordinator: 828-964-7233

Where to Stay

Hotel: Quality Inn and Suites (828) 266-1100 OR Country Inn and Suites (828) 264-4100

  • They have blocked a section of rooms for breweries and are offering a discounted rate

  • You have to call to book the room with the discounted rate

  • You pay and we pay you with the travel stipend

  • Cozy, clean beds with showers!

  • Close to the fairgrounds

  • Free breakfast

Camp: You can camp for free at the fairgrounds! We section off a spot for you to get some shut-eye.

  • Porta-potties on site

  • Free coffee, bagel on Saturday morning

  • Epic PreParty fire to keep you warm on Friday night

  • Wake up on site of the festival

  • Camp Friday and Saturday if desired but we can only guarantee coffee and bagels on Saturday, not Sunday

  • Please clean up after yourself

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 9.17.15 AM.png

We need
from you

Submit Proof Of Insurance

In order for us to get all the insurance required for this event the agent as asked us to acquire proof of insurance from each brewery that is attending.
Please Note: Ivory Tower, Inc. should be shown as additional insured for liquor liability and general liability.

Name of entity we’re submitting the COI to:  Ivory Tower Brewing Inc.
Name of contact at entity:  Brett Taubman
Address of entity: 141 Cardinal Lane Boone NC 28607
Name of event: High Country Beer Fest
Date(s) of event: August 24, 2019
Are we serving alcohol: YES


PreParty BBQ
Friday Night 6pm
Fairgrounds (where we have the festival)

We offer a Friday night BBQ pre-party and bonfire for breweries and HCBF board members. Most of you sent your RSVP when you registered but some of you said to check back closer to the event. If you are one of these breweries please RSVP now. If you can’t remember what you said when you registered then RSVP now.

Bring a specialty brew to share and enjoy some pig. (vegetarian options available).

You need
from Us:

Our Permit!

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 9.27.52 PM.png

Travel Stipend

We give each brewery a check for $350 as a travel stipend to cover the cost of travel to the Fest. This, along with a tax receipt to get a write-off for beer that will be poured at the Fest, will be included in your check-in packet. You can waive your travel stipend as an additional donation to Fermentation Sciences and receive perks of Bronze Sponsorship. Let us know now so we don’t have to write as many checks! No pressure though!

Help us promote!

Make sure your favorite fans are there! Help us promote HCBF! We have created bill inserts, table toppers and posters that you can print to help us promote HCBF. Let us know if you need help with print costs.
Hashtags we are using include: #HighCountryBeerFest, #HCBF, #HCBF19

Our Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/hcbeerfest/

Our FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/hcbeerfest/


Print 4x6 flyers or this 11x17 poster and help us spread the word!



  • When:
    Friday 12 pm - till 6 pm (or later) OR Saturday 10 am - 1 pm.
    BBQ/Bonfire starts at 6pm at the fairgrounds on Friday night so try to get there before if possible. We can still help you check in if you get there after.

  • Where: There will be a check-in booth located at the red building/hut when you drive into the fairgrounds. Please do not set up until you have stopped at the check-in table.

Tent Set Up

  • Start: Festival grounds open at 10 a.m. Saturday. If you camp you can set up as soon as you like.

  • New: Some Brewery Booth locations will be reserved for breweries who sponsor HCBF. We will also have the booth spaces clearly marked so you know where to set up.

  • Deadline: We ask that your booth is set up and ready to serve no later than 1 pm on Saturday.


  • Storage: We will have a refrigeration truck on site, Friday through Sunday. You can store kegs in this truck. Someone will be on hand to help you unload your kegs Friday noon-6pm and Saturday 10 am -1 pm.

  • Ice: We start delivering ice around 1pm to each brewers booth so the ice doesn’t melt before our guests arrive. We have plenty of ice in the truck to ensure that your brews stay cold!

  • Beer: In past years, breweries have brought 1.5 to 3 bbls.

Break Down

  • Please do not break down your booth until 8pm when all the guests have left.

  • After the festival, we ask that you remove any leftover beer from the public space and help clean up your booth space.


This is a rough sketch of the field and how we are thinking of grouping food and breweries this year. (Updated schematic coming soon!)

This is a rough sketch of the field and how we are thinking of grouping food and breweries this year. (Updated schematic coming soon!)

Other Info:

Bagels, water, and coffee will be provided Saturday morning.

High Country Beer Fest is an outdoor festival. Be prepared to serve rain or shine. We have been blessed with beautiful weather for 11 years (knock on wood).

Each brewery is allowed up to 4 staff per booth. There will be a surcharge for each extra person. If additional personnel are needed or for questions or concerns regarding this rule, please contact us directly. Email: breweries@hcbeerfest.com.

What to Bring

What not to Bring


  • Bring 2 or more varieties of brews so guests have options (VIP guests love when you bring a smaller amount of something special for the first hour of pouring)

  • Serving/Pouring staff

  • Tablecloths

  • A tent/canopy for shade and promotion (tent placement is first come, first served).

  • Containers for kegs and serving methods (we will supply ice)

  • Stickers, bottle openers, and other promotional items (if desired)


Please review Quick Facts about the festival to determine the correct amount of beer to bring.
In past years, breweries have brought 1.5 to 3 bbls.


Promotional pint glasses - we supply glasses for all guests.
Canned and bottled brews (too much waste)


Refrigeration Friday morning through the end of the festival
Dump buckets

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 10.47.42 AM.png


There are many perks to being a sponsor. Brewery sponsors get first pick of their place on the field and they get a special marker helping people quickly identify them as a sponsor, PLUS all the perks of sponsorship. (higher level sponsors will get priority placement over Lower level sponsors)


All donations are tax deductible. Click HERE for more info about High Country Beer Fest. Click HERE for info about sponsorship levels. Naming Sponsors get creative promotion opportunities. Naming Sponsorship starts at $1200 and go up from there depending on the specific area of the event you choose to sponsor.

Become a Sponsor

Register as a High Country Beer Fest Sponsor of any level. If you wish to be a Naming Sponsor, contact Amber Bateman for more details. 828-964-7233