Welcome Volunteers

Thanks for joining High Country Beer Fest for our 12th year! High Country Beer Fest has made significant impact in the local community and brewing community through donations we have made to local charities and to education in fermentation sciences.
We could not do this without you. Thank you!

Please Check this page for Important Information, Instructions and more


Quick Facts



  • We expect over 3000 people to attend

  • Fresh mountain air

  • 4 hours of live original music while you volunteer

  • 64 Breweries

  • 15 Food Vendors (In a food court this year!)


  • Must be 21 to volunteer at HCBF (BRING YOUR LICENSE!- We will check! )

  • Check in and check out required at Volunteer Check-in tent

  • No drinking while wearing volunteer shirt

  • Please refrain from using your phone while volunteering

  • Let someone know you have to use bathroom/take a break before leaving your post

  • If you aren’t sure what to do, check back in at the Volunteer Check-in table. Board members and lead volunteers will let us know as jobs come available.



  • Friday: Set Up Day 10 am -6 pm

    • Friday Volunteers still check in at the check-in table

    • If you find yourself without a job/task, come to the volunteer check-in and we will assign you one

  • Saturday:

    • 1st shift volunteers arrive by 1:30 to get checked-in (unless otherwise noted on your sign-up genius)

    • 2-3pm VIP early entry

    • 3 pm General Admission entry starts

    • 2-7 pm Beer is poured, music plays, food served

    • 7-8 pm is sober hour, guests can stay and get food and listen to music

    • 8-9pm Booth Breakdown and preliminary clean up

  • Sunday:

    • Remove fencing

    • Clean Grounds/Trash Pick up



Where to check in: Volunteer check in outside entrance at the red building

Parking: This year volunteers will park in the main parking lot where the guests park. We may set up a volunteer parking area in that large lot and we will update this side if that happens.

Please note: There will be no entry or exit from the parking area in the side lot (behind the red buildings) past 1pm this year.

Check in/ Check out:

  • Show up 15 to 20 minutes before your shift

  • Get volunteer shirt, wrist band to work or enter the fest, and get direction on where to go

  • You must check out and switch your wristband and shirt to work or enter the festival.

For assistance at any point: Report to volunteer check in table at the red building or talk to a member of the board



Register If you Haven’t already

NEW THIS YEAR!- All volunteers (even invitation-only volunteers) must register. If you picked your shift in Sign-Up genius but have not registered as a volunteer, we still need you to register now. Please do this BEFORE the Fest to save everyone time.

Pick or Change Your Shift

The link below is the general Sign-Up genius for volunteers who learned about us through FB, Friends, or just somewhere out there.

If you are part of the Fermentation Science Club, a Cross-fit Volunteer, or if were invited by a board member, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Travis Berk- mtbmanning@gmail.com for a specific Sign-up Genius link.

IF you signed up earlier but need to bow out, PLEASE UPDATE your shift to reflect the change so we can fill your space!

Tell us your t-shirt size If you haven’t Already

If you registered as a volunteer after June 19th, 2019 then we should have your t-shirt size from the registration form.
If you registered BEFORE 6/19/19 then we need your T-shirt size

important stuff…….


Volunteers get the best of both worlds because you get to participate in making the world a better place AND you get to enjoy the a few hours of High Country Beer Fest absolutely free.


No matter what shift you are working, you check in with us at the Volunteer Check-In booth when you arrive then follow the instructions below based on when you are scheduled to volunteer.


Early-Fest Volunteers:

If you are volunteering BEFORE you go into the festival: Check in at the Volunteer Check-in table.

  • We will check your license to make sure you are of-age (21 or older).

  • We reserve the right to hold your license or a credit card until your shift has been served.

  • We will give you a volunteer wristband. Please keep this wristband on throughout the entire day, even when you are not “on the clock”.

  • You will go into the fest and report to the SWAG tent to see TED.

  • Ted will give you a t-shirt and will send you to your assigned task

  • You will serve at that task or any other task asked of you during your volunteer time allotment.

  • You will set a timer when your shift ends and come to the SWAG Volunteer Check-in and remove your volunteer t-shirt.

  • We will give you a drinking wrist band and tasting glass

  • We will happily store your t-shirt until you leave the fest, if desired.

  • You are free to enjoy the rest of High Country Beer Fest on us. We appreciate your service!

Late-Fest Volunteers:


If you are volunteering AFTER you go into the festival

  • Go to the Volunteer Check-In Station outside the gates

  • We will check your license to make sure you are of-age (21 or older)

  • We will hold your license or credit card to ensure you return for your volunteer shift. Please bring both with you.

  • We will ask you to set a timer on your phone 20 minutes before your shift starts so you have a reminder to come back or

  • We will give you a volunteer wristband and you will enter the fest and report to the SWAG Volunteer Station and see Ted just inside the gates.

  • Ted will give you a drinking wristband and a tasting glass.

  • You get to go enjoy the festivities.

  • When your phone timer goes off, you can get your last drink and go back to the SWAG Volunteer Check-in table.

  • Ted will take your drinking band and give you a volunteer t-shirt and will send you to your designated job.

  • When your job is complete you may go to the Volunteer Check-in table to get your license and check out.

If you have questions or need to be directed to a new job while already in the fest, please go the SWAG tent and ask them to Radio the Volunteer Check-In Booth for instructions. (You do not have to exit the fest)


We have plenty of parking available in the main lot as you come in. We do not want people coming and going from the side lot this year. The only people allowed to park in the side lot beside the festival field are board members, brewers, food vendors, and volunteers who will be there from noon to 8pm.


It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while we get someone who can’t handle all the beverages they have consumed. If you notice someone has had way too much and is acting sloppy…..

  • If you feel safe and comfortable you can also invite them to the game tent or shade tent near the food court to get water and rest.

  • If you think they might react poorly, please let a board member know (in bright green shirts “Talk to me Im board” on back). We will invite them to drink water and take a break in the game area or at the food court. We will determine if we need to ask the guest to leave depending on their demeanor.

  • If no one is around and you notice someone heading to the parking area to drive home, please remind them of our exit strategy and let them know we will pay for their cab ride home.


  • Wear sun screen

  • Drink water - Please bring a water bottle in order to stay hydrated while you work and play. Water Stations will be set up throughout the festival. We will also have water at the Volunteer Check-In table for anyone who needs a refill while working before, after or during their shift. Please drink as much as you need.

  • Wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for mushy grounds



Please familiarize yourselves with this schematic. We will update it with more specific directions as we get closer to the festival but the general layout will not change.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 7.39.04 AM.png