Food Venors!

We are so excited to have each of you join us for another great year. We have a record number of breweries and food vendors registered this year! Stay tuned to this page for more important announcements. We will keep you posted as the event evolves.



  • Date: August 24, 2019

  • Time: 2pm - 8pm (be ready for hungry customers from 7-8pm when pouring stops)

  • Where: High Country Fairgrounds (click for map)


  • Be ready to serve over 3,000!

  • That’s over 3,000 opportunities to win over a new fan!

  • Fresh mountain air

  • 5 hours of live original music

  • 64 Breweries

  • 15 Food Vendors (In a food court this year!)

New This Year:

  • Food Court: We have created a special food court section for the festival to allow more space for additional breweries and to help with traffic flow. We hope you like this change!

  • Food Vouchers: Brewery Attendants will not have food vouchers. They are going to have a private tent space with food provided.

  • Parking: Traffic to and from the side lot (in front of the field) will be stopped at 1pm. Please make sure staff parks in the larger field if they need to leave or come at any point after 1pm.

HCBF Vendor Contact Info

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We are here for you!

Willard Watson, Vendor Coordinator:

Hailie Bryant, Vendor Assistant Coordinator:

Amber Bateman, Beer Fest Coordinator:


Unfortunately, we do not have wifi at the festival. Even mobile hot spots might not work at the fairgrounds.

In the past, vendors who use square have made offline transactions with folks that process once they are connected to internet after the festival. Nothing is as reliable as cold hard cash. BRING YOUR OWN AND ENOUGH TO MAKE CHANGE.

We tell guests to bring cash because there is no internet on site for transactions. We also send out emails all this week telling folks what they can and cannot bring, with cash being the top thing we remind them about.


The important Stuff


Certificates of Insurance Required!

In order for us to obtain event insurance we have to have proof of insurance from each vendor serving at the festival. Please submit your certificate of insurance now.

On these certificates, Ivory Tower, Inc. should be shown as additional insured for liquor liability and general liability.

Ivory Tower, Inc.
141 Cardinal Lane
Boone NC 28607

Booth Size

This year we have created a food court to create a sweet space for food vendors to do their thing. Please submit your booth size so we can ensure there is enough space for everyone.



That’s correct, Food vendors must apply for permits to serve food at High Country Beer Fest. The form must be completed within 15 days of the event. The links below should provide everything you need. To access all App. Health Forms go here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 2.59.51 PM.png

Our Permit

If you need to see that we have an ABC permit to run the festival, here it is, in all it’s glory!




  • All vendors are responsible for liability insurance and compliance with any and all requirements of the State of North Carolina.

  • All products will be displayed in a clean and safe manner.

  • All vendors are responsible for supplying their own food grade hose, power cables, ice, and tables. There is access to electricity and water in the food court.

  • All vendors shall exhibit professional manners always.

  • Bring enough cash to make change. HCBF will not be responsible for breaking your change.

  • No firearms of any kind are permitted on the festival grounds.

Voucher Agreement

  • Food Vouchers for VIP guests and Volunteers are limited to $8 each.

  • As a food vendor for HCBF you agree to have menu options available or $8 or less in order to accommodate this voucher.

  • HCBF will not honor food vouchers for more than $8.

  • The person presenting the food voucher will be responsible to pay any amount over $8.00.

  • Beer Vendors will not use vouchers this year as they have in the past.

Set Up/ Break Down Instructions

  • We may assign some space this year due to the new food court layout.

  • Vendor set up begins no earlier than 9:30 AM and must be completed by NOON for the Health Department’s Inspection.

  • Vendors must be ready to serve food beginning at 1 PM. Volunteers or Brewers may want to purchase food during this time.

  • The taps will be turned off from 7-8 PM to encourage people to stay and eat and sober up if necessary.

  • The Festival ends at 8 PM and breakdown will begin.

  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning their service area after the festival.

Cancelation Policy

  • Beer fest must be notified within 2-weeks of the festival if you need to cancel.

  • If the vendor cancels and does not give proper notice they will not be invited to the next year’s festival.

  • We will not refund deposits for any cancelations made after June 1.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 9.17.15 AM.png


  •  9:30 AM Vendor Set Up Begins -Willard or Hailie will direct you to the food court and give you your packet with information, wrist bands, and tasting glasses

  • NOON – Health Inspector Arrives - Be prepared

  • 1 PM – Festival Grounds close to vehicle traffic - We will not allow traffic to flow in or out of the access road that leads to the food court after 1pm. Please alert your staff to be aware of this. If staff needs to switch shifts, leave or come at any point during the festival, they will need to park in the main parking area, not the side lot closest to the food court. Vendors must be ready for 2 pm start time. Some brewers/organizers/volunteers may want to purchase during this time.

  • 2 PM – VIPs enter - get ready to rock and roll (500+)

  • 3 PM – General Admission enters - the masses arrive (2500 + people)

  • 7 PM – Beer service ends - the last hour is for patrons to eat and sober up so be prepared to keep serving. Do not shut down before 8pm!

  • 8 PM – Festival ends - Willard or Hailie will collect food vouchers from vendors and return with checks


2019 Schematic

Work in progress! We will update with final

Work in progress! We will update with final