The fun

We are excited to provide guests with fantastic entertainment, games, photo booth, dancing, delicious food and brewing seminars!



shay martin lovette

Shay Lovette is a local Americana singer-songwriter.


Naked gods

Naked Gods is a classic Boone rock and roll band.


Crenshaw pentecostal

Crenshaw Pentecostal is an alt/country original band made up of professional musicians who come from a background of signed and professional touring musicians from bands such as The Almost, Beloved, and Possum Jenkins. 

Check out Crenshaw Pentecostal’s recently released music video for their new single “Bad Heart”.


The seminars this year will be a little different than in years past. We'll be focusing on fermented foods and how their complex flavors pair with our favorite fermented beverage. We'll discuss the process of the food fermentations and the microbes involved and how the different flavors are produced as a result of the fermentations. Then we'll provide tasting samples of the food paired with selected Ivory Tower beer samples for a symphony of sumptuous flavors.

Seminar 1.jpg
pour seminar .jpg
Seminar 1.jpg

Stay tuned for the specific fermented foods that will be showcased in each seminar.


At the game tent, you can cool down, rehydrate (with water or coffee), and have some fun.
This year’s game tent will have corn hole, darts, a photo booth, and more!