Reach thousands of people with your business brand in a creative and meaningful way.
Attach your brand to a quality festival that is known for being well organized while providing a unique, memorable experience for beer connoisseurs, casual drinkers, brewers, food vendors and volunteers alike.

High Country Beer Fest is a celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of the craft beverage industry. We want people to understand and appreciate craft beer on a deeper level. Join us in support of education of craft beverages.

Your support goes a long way to make a difference in the lives of people served by local charities we support as well as students and breweries as they pursue education and research in fermentation sciences to continue to improve the craft beverage industry.
Cheers to that!



TIckets are NOw on Sale!

Tickets to High Country Beer Fest can be purchased online or at Peabody’s in Boone. Ticket sales start to increase throughout the months of June and July so sign up now to be a sponsor so you can take advantage of prime viewing season.


Bronze Sponsors will now receive 1 GA ticket with their sponsorship along with the other perks of sponsoring. Gold Sponsors can trade their 4 GA tickets for 2 VIP Tickets if preferred.

How to Use your tickets

If you don’t have need for tickets that come with your sponsorship, we can use them to promote your business while offering them as a prize for a social media post intended to increase engagement with your brand and our festival.

Partner With Us!

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High Country Beer Fest attracts a large demographic of people from diverse walks of life. Every year you can expect to see students, young professionals all the way up to retirees, ages 21 years old to 75 years old plus. With the largest portion of our demographic being the 28-45 years of age. We have a great mix of local traffic as well as visitors from far and wide.

Event Promotion


We promote the event heavily on social media, on the radio and in press releases sent to news outlets throughout NC and surrounding regions. We also add our event to calendars on websites that are popular with our demographic. Our direct email campaigns reach over 4500 people multiple times a year to update our email subscribers of all the beer fest happenings. Last year we had over 34,000 visits to our website. Make sure your logo is seen 34,000 times, be a sponsor!

Sponsor Promotion

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We appreciate our sponsors and want them to succeed in business. We are able to promote your business by including your business logo to be included in emails to our followers, brewers and volunteers, be included on certain print materials distributed during and before our event, logo displayed on our website with a link back to your website, inclusion on our sponsors banner at festival, possible mentions in press release materials, social media recognition. Some sponsors will get their logo on festival glass and/or their logo on t-shirt for select sponsors. We can also offer creative brand placement at the festival for Naming Sponsors.

The sooner we know you are a sponsor the better chances you have for creative promotion of your before and at our event.



Interested in the economic impact of High Country Beer Fest? So are we! Appalachian State University College of Business provided an Economic Impact Report for us to better understand the importance of this event to our community. The latest report was done in 2017 so we expect the impact to have been even greater last year, given the significant increase in attendance. We plan to have an updated report provided after our 2019 High Country Beer Fest event.

Want to know where our guests come from? Check out our latest Zip Code Report based on ticket sales in 2018. Keep in mind, some of the out-of-town zip codes may be for current student’s of ASU.

Find out more about where our proceeds go and the history of High Country Beer Fest here.


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We offer one of the most comprehensive “Exit Strategies” of any beer festival out there. We provide free shuttle services to and from the event to a central location on campus and the hotels. We also offer free towing and ride service, taxi service, affordable DD tickets and free overnight parking. We provide hydration stations throughout the festival so people can drink water and rinse their cups between samples. We provide a game tent to allow guests an opportunity to play games and have fun while they cool down and hydrate. We hire a minimum of 6 off-duty police officers to work the event to ensure the safety of all our guests.

Pick your Level

It costs over $100,000 to pay for the cost of organizing High Country Beer Fest.
In-kind and monetary sponsorships are greatly appreciated. We are continually seeking ways to offset the costs of the festival so we can apply more money toward our fundraising efforts.

More about who we are and where the proceeds go.



“Brought to you by” Naming Opportunities

In addition to sponsorship perks, naming sponsors may have a booth or provide promotional materials for us to include in brewery check-in packets, volunteer gift bags, and a promotion table near the Swag Tent. Naming Sponsors are also invited to our Friday night pre-party for breweries and board members.

Naming sponsorships start at $1200 donations. We will give more information about the cost of specific aspects of the festival if you are interested in becoming a naming sponsor.

Ticket Sponsor

  • Covers the cost of tickets

  • Example: Logo on tickets page of website, logo or banner at the ticketing tent at event, possible logo placement on online tickets

Glass Sponsor

  • Covers the costs of tasting glasses

  • Example: Logo on VIP or General Admission Glasses which are brought home as keep sakes for the festival

Safety Sponsor

  • Covers the cost of police presence, insurance, water to keep people

  • Example: Logo next to any info about safety on our website, banner or large poster at entrance with your logo. Free Booth Space or Info/swag available at strategic place in festival

Exit Strategy Sponsor

  • Covers the cost of or provides shuttles, towing and/or taxi service to prevent drinking and driving

  • Example. Banner on buses and at drop-off points if desired. Provide promotional materials in buses, tow trucks or taxis. Logo on our exit strategy posters

Parking Sponsor

  • Covers the cost of our parking services

  • Example: “Parking Brough to you by” Banner at the entrance of the fairgrounds, booth space or promotional materials allowed in a strategic place if desired

Brewery Hospitality

  • Covers the cost of or provides food for the brewery lunch tent at during the festival so brewery attendants can get a quick break and food rather than standing in line to get food from the food trucks

Game Tent Sponsor

  • Offers games and personnel to “man” the tent to ensure guests have a good time while taking a break from drinking.

  • Example: Logo anywhere games are mentioned on the website. Banner over game tent, promotional material/info booth inside tent if desired

Music Sponsor

  • Covers the cost of or provides stage, sounds and MC

  • Example: Logo on music page on the website and in emails promoting the fest, banner at the stage, special mention from stage, booth space near stage at the event if desired

Sanitation Sponsor

  • Covers the cost of porta-potties and or trash services

  • Example: Logo on website and emails where sanitation is mentioned. Business posters or swag placed on or near trashcans and porta-potties

Paper/Print Sponsor

  • Covers the cost of or provides print materials for promoting the festival.

  • Example: Logo on emails promoting the festival, possible (tasteful) logo placement on some print materials

Have an idea for naming sponsorship that isn’t mentioned here?
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